Surrender to Love and a Tea Party: An Invitation

You never know when you’ll need to surrender to love. Chances are, it’ll be a test. Genesis 22 involves a test of surrender for Abraham and Isaac. An image of my grandson setting a tea party got me thinking about God the Father as well as Abraham in that scene. Just as Abraham pleased God […]

It happened one summer to Howard Cooper

It happened the summer Howard Cooper turned fifteen. The year was 1885. Sweat beaded on foreheads and the high-pitched hum of cicadas buzzed in trees. Southern belle Katie Gray walked home from the railroad station and said something to Howard as she passed him. She’d known him before. Maybe a taunt. Maybe a pleasantry. We’ll […]

I Don’t Want to Testify – A Reflection on My Resistance

When we testify, our voice—what we write, draw, create, and say—carries power. This essay reflects on the power of that voice and my decisions to convey love. For almost a decade, I’ve followed the trend of choosing a focus word for the year. In 2013, when I retired from my sales career, I choose the […]